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About me

Embark on a journey of well-being with me. Having completed extensive training as a massage therapist and as a Reiki Master, I am also currently pursuing a four-year acupuncture program, which is set to be completed by October 2024. I offer holistic massages with the mission of guiding you towards a deeper connection with your body. My massages are designed to restore balance, harmonize your mind and body, and relieve stress, pain, and tension. The result is a profound sense of strength, vitality, and a newfound trust in your inner wisdom. My unwavering passion for Eastern healing traditions is at the heart of every treatment I provide.

What is Holistic massage?

Holistic massage is a relaxing therapy that addresses the entire body with slow movements that relax both the body and the mind. By releasing physical blockages and deeply relaxing your body, it calms the nervous system and promotes the elimination of toxins.

A massage can address concerns like:

• Neck, shoulder, and back pain or discomfort

• Easing stress and enhancing your well-being

• Calming mental and physical restlessness

• Alleviating tension-related headaches

• Combating fatigue, sleep issues, and burnout

• Boosting your vitality

• Serving as a valuable supplement to trauma therapy

• Providing support for high sensitivity or HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)

• Assisting in the processing of unresolved grief and other emotions

• Aiding in achieving a stronger sense of grounding

Booking your massage

Please use the form below to book your massage.

There is an option to have an introduction session which will include an initial conversation (where we discuss the most suitable massage for you), a massage, and a follow-up discussion. Otherwise, you are also free to choose the massage treatment that you feel personally will fit you best.